Desperate Sacrifice

Stella Ransom, a young mother and recent widow, is holding her shattered life together with emotional duct tape. While hiking, she inadvertently enters a realm where myth and magic are real. After she’s injured rescuing a child from a dragon, Stella finds herself in the care of Kai, a mesmerizing warrior with a sinister smile. In spite of the soul-deep connection between them, she remains desperate to return to her child and normal world, telling herself that leaving Kai will not destroy her already tattered existence.

Recovering from his own emotional wounds, Kai finds solace—and himself—as he falls in love with the gutsy human female, Stella. Unable to travel between worlds, Kai vows to get Stella home, even though it means losing her. When a goddess informs him that Stella is destined to be murdered, Kai is devastated to learn that the only way to save Stella’s life is through an unbearable sacrifice.

In 2016, Desperate Sacrifice was winner of the On the Far Side contest in the fantasy category, and the Gateway to the Best writing contest in the paranormal category.

It came in second place for the Put Your Heart in a Book contest, and Lone Star Writing Contest.